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Easily Assessable Facilities of Professional Healthcare Center

Conventional healthcare centers and hospitals are now out-of-context with innovative and revolutionized way of providing professional Healthcare facilities to patients. With changing time, patients demand for more attention and good level of treatment from his doctors and physicians, after paying them huge sum of money. However, it is required also, to give focused approach towards treating patients and salvages them out of the pain and suffers as soon as possible.

The most revolutionized healthcare center provides world-class facilities for Sports medicine, weight management, Preventative medicine, Hormone Therapy and many other categories of treatment, at very economical charges. One of the most important factors for any patient is the expenditure of money while visiting doctor or physician; it is like an extra burden on someone, who is already suffering from health problems. Spending huge sum of money every time he visits consulting doctor is a bit difficult situation to handle for any patient, especially if he is regular at the hospital.  However, this innovative healthcare centre with expertise physicians, believes in providing new standard of facilities for their patients with best of health care services.

Waiting in queues and standing in front of reception for extended duration is also one of the major problems in conventional hospitals. But you will find solution to this problem in these innovative healthcare centers where you can directly visit your consulting doctor after taking prior appointments. No need to stand in lines and waiting for your token number to display.

Here you will get access to many experienced and professional doctors and physicians as a solution to your health problem. They are well knowledgeable and experienced with treating numerous patients and therefore handle each and every case with perfection.  One of the most experienced and talented doctor available here is, Dr. Tara K. Bagen. She is MD, CAQSM, and one of the most professional doctors available in this healthcare centre.  She firmly believes in providing world class treatment facility to patients, who come in search of best assistance and consultation from expert doctors. Better access to your consulting doctor certainly helps in getting high quality care and treatment. Here doctors are allowed to take only 600 cases at a time and not more than that, which is unlike of conventional hospitals; where you may find a doctor, engaged with thousands of cases at a time. Limited number of cases at a time for Dr Link gives more focused approach towards understanding patient’s requirement. It in turn helps in treating them with best suited medical plan and resourceful facilities. At this healthcare centres. You will get an option to become member and take benefit of saving huge sum of money, which is going to be spent on every visit. By becoming member, one can get full access to his doctor and can contact them anytime 24×7 via phone call or text messaging.


Weight Management and Chronic Disease Management calls for more “Personal” Attention

These days, over 2/3 of Americans are over-weight. Chronic disease treatment cost more than half of American annual healthcare cost. Both, while not causing drastic outcome as cancer or cardiovascular incidents, have significantly reduced the quality of our daily lives and increased our healthcare cost. As family doctors, we have been advising our patients to switch from the sedentary lifestyle to more active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, lifestyle change alone, in most of our patient cases, cannot reverse the conditions as weight and chronic diseases did not happen in one day. Those patients who got these issues under control usually work with family doctors offering a wide array of personalized healthcare services. These new breeds of doctors not just offer 24*7 assistance and preventative medicine solutions to patients, but also design individualized health care programs to help people achieve their primary health goals with utmost ease. You can even ask them to help you improve the aesthetics of your appearance, or can connect with them to get practical weight management plans to get rid of the excess fat or the fat you are likely to accumulate due to your monotonous everyday life. They will design a plan by considering your current profession, lifestyle and choices, and the past medical history as it may have an impact on the health decisions you make.

It may not be a common knowledge that Family doctors nowadays specialize in treating weight and chronical diseases through sub-specialties. These sub-specialties encompass men’s and women’s health, chronic disease management, sports medicine, aesthetics, acute illness and injury, hormone therapy, genetic based disease/condition prevention and more. Unlike specialists, their motto is to address all aspects of a person’s wellbeing, and protecting and promoting health in the best possible form. However, this great approach requires longer and deeper relationship between the patients and family doctor. While the average time for a doctor’s visit is 7 minutes, today’s insurance based family doctors cannot afford to provide in-depth care for longer term disease/weight management.

Considering the benefits of pairing up with these “new breeds of doctors” also known as concierge or DPC doctors (Direct primary care). Their approach provides enhanced medical attention, no waiting times, longer and same day/ next day appointments, house calls, zero copay, 24*7 access to doctors via, in addition to office visits, texts, emails, phones and video calls and more, many people are approaching to family physicians.
For those living in Frisco, Dallas, Plano and nearby areas, one of the most prominent concierge/DPC practices is Diamond Physicians. They have been the pioneer of this new model and known as the first one to bring this “luxury healthcare” to wider audience at affordable prices. To get further details, please visit the website Diamondphysicians.com.


Family Medicine: Providing First-rate Comprehensive Care to People of All Ages

sports-medicineBeing in a great shape and having a perfect health are the biggest boons one can have! In today’s world when we all are living a highly-stressed life, many a time situations take a toll on us, and if we ignore them, then they result in form of illness and ailments. It is advisable to always keep the health on the priority of your to-do list, for which you shall connect with physicians that practice family medicine.

Family medicine, which is also sometimes known with the name family practice is concerned with providing continuing and complete health care services to people of all age groups and genders. Family doctors emphasize on enhancing the health of individuals and family both in long run- they are qualified to deal with an array of health conditions and deliver accurate and timely solutions to patients. Their service suite typically covers chronic disease management, childhood illness, challenges of teenage development, weight management, aesthetics, women’s health and gynecology, sports medicine and many more that people confront at different phases of their life. Their intensive medical training cover most specialties, empowering them to positively influence the overall wellbeing of a person regardless of their age and gender.

The primary benefits of shaking hands with family doctors includes timely and high quality healthcare, personalized assistance, longer and same day/ next day appointments, and the best kind of patient-physician relationship. Doctors charge a membership fees periodically, in return they guarantee 24*7 access to patients and keep the patient load to the minimum. They pay attention to the root cause of a health concern and design a suitable treatment program to help patients recover well in the shortest span of time. Furthermore, there will be no surprise fees- you will not be charged for petty reasons and hence the family medicine will help you save a significant sum of your hard-earned bucks.

In case you are someone looking for a qualified physician practicing family medicine in Dallas, Frisco or nearby regions, then you can connect with Tara K. Bagen. She is a board certified and licensed doctor and presently working with the team of Diamond Physicians. With her, you can get affordable and comprehensive health care services to live a healthy and happy life. To get further details, please visit the website Diamondphysicians.com.