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Direct Primary Care Solutions for All Individuals, in Dallas and Frisco


Everything has profits and consequences. But, when it is about Health Matters – no one would ever compromise with negativity. Traditional Hospital Settings have some consequences making people uncomfortable to approach to. There, people do not find personalized and easily accessible healthcare solutions. They go through struggles to get appointments and when in emergency conditions it gets worst for them! Also, conventional medical care system follows providing sick-care. The focus is not on over-all-health. In fact, the kind of lifestyle people are living or following asks for over-all-health-care. The Key is – Direct Primary Care. Yes, direct primary care service is focused on providing assistance to all individuals considering their primary care needs. The service bestows solutions for over-all-health-care.

Direct Primary Care Service is offered by highly expert, qualified and board certified doctors in Frisco and Dallas. There are highly professional, knowledgeable doctors who have gained extra certification in Arteriology (the study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls) to look after and assist all patients (from infants to geriatric patients).

Direct Primary Care Dallas and Frisco Service Includes

  • Personalized Assistance – tailored healthcare solutions to individuals
  • Comprehensive Service – primary care, all major acute problems
  • Accessible Service – Direct access to experts, 24×7 access to experts via email or texts
  • Same day appointment, no waiting rooms, enough face to face consultation time
  • Issues addressed immediately
  • Luxury, Brilliant yet Affordable Service
  • Membership Plans for adults and children (based on flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee) with additional benefits including physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures
  • an evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke
  • annual discounts, no hidden fee

Expert Doctors in Frisco and Dallas provide Direct Primary Care Solutions with an aim to put quality back into healthcare and to make luxury healthcare assistance available for all individuals at affordable costs. Primary care service has proved itself as frontline medical-system which is all about being proactive rather than being reactive to health & medical-problems. Approaching primary care doctors in Dallas and Frisco is easy. Internet has made it easy for all. People can get contact details. They can contact experts through phone-call, email or by submitting online form.

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Expert Concierge Doctors in Frisco


Direct Primary Care and Healthcare concierge is becoming very popular in current scenario, where patients are willing to spend money for medical issues, being treated with perfection. Concierge care gives an opportunity for patients to get expert care and attention of concerned doctor. In general hospitals and medical centers, doctors may become engaged in handling up to thousands of cases, at a time. However, the methods in Healthcare concierge are very different from this. It provides opportunity of personalized treatment methods and focused approach towards patient’s medical issues.

In hospitals generally patients have to wait for their token number to be announced for doctors’ visit or they have to sit in waiting rooms for extended period of time, just to consult their concerned physician. Direct Primary Care doctors in Frisco provide a different experience of treatment for patients by providing them personalizes attention. These doctors in Frisco are limited to take only 600 cases at a time and therefore able to give their full attention in every patient’s medical history. It is lot more relaxing for patient also, when he do not have to wait for his turn to come. In case of emergency, this is the perfect step to be taken, to get assistance of expert doctors in Frisco.

These medical centers provide very advantageous membership plans for patients who need regular consultation. Membership provides many advantages for patients over random visitors. One of the major benefits is that they have to pay one time annual fee and can take consultation of physician throughout the year. There is no need to pay separately for every visit. Another advantage in that, members can contact their physicians any time via phone call and text messages, if they need consultation on urgent basis. Generally patients do not have access to doctors personal contact numbers where they can call in emergency conditions and get relief by quick advices on phone. However, members of direct primary care get access to their concerned doctor’s contact details and can call them anytime, when consultation is required.

Medical treatments are the ways to get fast relief from your pains. Such expert services should be available for general public also, at economical rates, so that everyone will get benefit of experienced doctors’ consultation. Here at direct primary care Frisco clinic, their main goal is to make expert and experienced medical services, available for needy person, at very affordable prices. Doctors available here, are certified and very talented in handling cases with perfection and knowledge.