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A Fee-For-Service Alternative at Direct Primary Care Dallas

In the current healthcare climate, a strong one-on-one relationship with the concerned healthcare provider is must. Earlier, when anyone who wanted to visit the doctor had to wait in a long queue but, now due to highest standards of healthcare, one can opt for an ideal and comprehensive health care solution called primary care which thus, saves time and money.

Direct primary care Dallas is a structured health care model that covers all and most of the primary medical care services that includes clinical, lab-reports and consulting services. It’s a meaningful way for patients to pay monthly, quarterly or on annual basis to their physicians without claiming to insurance providers. It is promoted by several doctors or physicians today, as a means for patients by providing substantial savings and timely access to them.

It is thus beneficial for primary care physician Dallas too, as they will be at less exposure to risk and can give more time to their patients- hence they can fully devote their attention in delivering better medical facilities. Due to limited patient load they can follow-up with their patients and can handle chronic ailments that leads to ensure better long-term health outcomes especially for those having complicated medical history.

According to surveys, DPR is a more affordable model as membership fees are fixed without any additional charges and lab and imaging studies are discounted. This allows them to address evolving health concerns rapidly and treating it more quickly which results in decreased productivity of illness. Furthermore, there are several factors that comes under DPC are-

  • Improved health- through better access and communication via E-mail or text messages.
  • Virtually zero wait time for the appointments.
  • Early detection of disease- through advanced and expanded screening.
  • Same day appointments when you are in urgent need.
  • In-house procedures are included with no extra charge.
  • No interference of health insurers between you and your health care providers- As you will be advised by highly trained physicians.

Consequently, finding primary care Dallas can be tricky. But, a simple web search can make it easy for you to get informed about several leading DPR groups in your area. Also, list of membership plans are provided online for patients- that covers several medical issues. To find the best of these plans and connect with team of highly qualified primary care physician in Dallas and nearby area, go-to Diamondphysicians.com as they offer premium health care solutions. check the source today!



Direct Primary Care Solutions for All Individuals, in Dallas and Frisco


Everything has profits and consequences. But, when it is about Health Matters – no one would ever compromise with negativity. Traditional Hospital Settings have some consequences making people uncomfortable to approach to. There, people do not find personalized and easily accessible healthcare solutions. They go through struggles to get appointments and when in emergency conditions it gets worst for them! Also, conventional medical care system follows providing sick-care. The focus is not on over-all-health. In fact, the kind of lifestyle people are living or following asks for over-all-health-care. The Key is – Direct Primary Care. Yes, direct primary care service is focused on providing assistance to all individuals considering their primary care needs. The service bestows solutions for over-all-health-care.

Direct Primary Care Service is offered by highly expert, qualified and board certified doctors in Frisco and Dallas. There are highly professional, knowledgeable doctors who have gained extra certification in Arteriology (the study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls) to look after and assist all patients (from infants to geriatric patients).

Direct Primary Care Dallas and Frisco Service Includes

  • Personalized Assistance – tailored healthcare solutions to individuals
  • Comprehensive Service – primary care, all major acute problems
  • Accessible Service – Direct access to experts, 24×7 access to experts via email or texts
  • Same day appointment, no waiting rooms, enough face to face consultation time
  • Issues addressed immediately
  • Luxury, Brilliant yet Affordable Service
  • Membership Plans for adults and children (based on flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee) with additional benefits including physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures
  • an evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke
  • annual discounts, no hidden fee

Expert Doctors in Frisco and Dallas provide Direct Primary Care Solutions with an aim to put quality back into healthcare and to make luxury healthcare assistance available for all individuals at affordable costs. Primary care service has proved itself as frontline medical-system which is all about being proactive rather than being reactive to health & medical-problems. Approaching primary care doctors in Dallas and Frisco is easy. Internet has made it easy for all. People can get contact details. They can contact experts through phone-call, email or by submitting online form.

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Avail Direct Primary Care Dallas to Assure Complete Peace of Mind


There are people who are blessed with perfect health, while there are some who require medical attention from time to time. The people falling in the latter said category more often than not connect with the best physicians and doctors who analyze their health status, identify the causes and accordingly devise a treatment plan that works in their favor. But this traditional form of getting healthcare associates a few cons; like you have to schedule appointments with doctors, who mostly are in a rush and hardly devote much time to deeply understand your problems. Then waiting time and fees every time you see them also take a toll on those who seek medical attention quite often. For such people, it is advisable to get in touch with concierge physicians who provide Dallas health care services to people who love the concept of personalized care. These physicians make themselves available for their patients all the time, and this unbiased attention of qualified direct care providers ascertains eventual peace of mind.

There are several benefits of connecting with direct primary care Dallas providers; from infants to geriatric patients, these board certified family practice physicians are up with affordable membership plans which when availed guarantees unlimited access to doctors and 24*7 availability of doctors via text and email. Their membership plans include physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures, and yes, there are no hidden costs included. Their healthcare solutions are devised considering the specific health needs of their patients and hence are effective to the core. Other highlights of getting direct healthcare services include zero copay, no wait time and all issues addressed on time as one anticipates.

In case you are looking for concierge healthcare solutions in Dallas and Frisco area, then one name you need to get in touch with is Diamond Physicians, they provide high quality, personalized and affordable healthcare services. Visit their website Diamondphysicians.com to know more about them today.

Your Primary Health Care Needs with Dallas HealthCare Experts


Health is Wealth! Very well known to everyone! Let us discuss about Direct Primary Care Services offered by Dallas HealthCare Experts and Doctors.

Life has become super-hectic. People have numerous responsibilities and duties. They have become extremely busy that they do not get time even to look after themselves. Loads of works and pressures require healthy body. Believe it or not! Nothing is frustrating than feeling unwell and ill, tried and unfit or unhealthy or weak all the time. And, nothing is tiring than jumping through hoops to see a doctor as quickly as possible. Even, people manage to get appointments with doctors or healthcare experts but for few minutes! Checking and examining, discussions and sharing, require enough time to make a clear diagnosis. On basis of which, doctor then specifies medical needs to patient/client. To help people and let them get rid of such unnecessary tensions, Direct Primary Care Services are offered by expert doctors in Dallas. There are board certified family practice physicians who have extensive training in all primary care needs. They provide primary healthcare needs to infant and geriatric patients.  They obtained extra certification in arteriology which is a study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls. That is why they are proactive and also offer luxury healthcare services that are within reach. People can take membership. Direct Primary Care Dallas Services are offered under different membership levels having flat fees. People can choose options from monthly fees or annual fees. Healthcare services are offered at affordable fees. Clients can have 2 hours access to their physicians via email or text. They give annual discounts to members. People can easily contact experts to understand about services, and costs more, by going through the official online website.