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Connect with Family Doctors Plano to Get the Best Curative and Preventive Care


Are you someone who is worried about your chronic illness and hate visiting those doctors who have jam-packed schedules? Well, it is a bitter fact that these days all qualified physicians run extremely busy, and with the high patient load they have, they cannot devote sufficient time to address to the health concerns of each patient. Result? Dissatisfaction and more visits to family doctors Plano, which eventually means more medical expenses. To cut down these expenses and gain access to top-notch health care services, nothing can be any better than dropping the traditional model of healthcare and replacing it with the concierge medicine, where dedicated and board certified Carrollton family physicians make themselves available for their patients at every instance of time. Not sure about concierge medicine? This article will give you the introduction of this contemporary healthcare model at a glance.

Concierge medicine, which is also sometimes called as boutique medicine or direct care is the way to ensure personalized care and enhanced attention from highly qualified medical professionals. All physicians who practice concierge medicine offer memberships to patients- people who seek 24*7 access to doctors due to their chronic illness or to avail more emphasized attention buy membership plans from concierge doctors by paying them a retainer, generally in form a monthly, annually or flat fees. A concierge doctor ensures keeping minimum patient load and delivering safe, quality and compassionate health care. While patients enjoy a list of benefits- in case of a health problem, they can connect with their doctors via text or email at any hour of the clock, get same day or next day appointments, longer in-person schedules to discuss their concerns, zero wait time, housecalls and many more. This membership model of healthcare mutually benefits healthcare providers and patients wanting enhanced care, and hence is becoming much popular in recent times.

So, in case you are someone who wants to avail optimal care and connect with experienced and qualified Carrollton family physicians in Dallas, Frisco, North Carrollton and nearby areas, then you can shake hands with the team of Diamond Physicians. They are a leading source renowned to provide outstanding patient care and affordable membership plans. Their approach to healthcare is unique and dependable, and several patients are availing their services to enjoy a healthy and happy life. To get further details, visit them at Diamondphysicians.com.


Reasons to Choose the Best Carrollton Family Physicians


Carrollton Family Physicians are the leading healthcare providers, with a team of expert and experienced MD doctors on-call. When it comes to take urgent healthcare treatment, a patient always look for option where he do not have to wait in long waiting-lines or getting stuck in legal-formalities of hospitals. He requires urgent care and fast relief from his problems. For this purpose selecting the membership-plan of best Carrollton Family Physicians is the right way.

Direct Primary Care Carrollton prefers treating their patients first, instead of going thorough long-route of clearing formalities and waiting sessions. Their patients come first for them, and they use best of their knowledge of medical field, to treat them with the most accurate treatment-plan. There are cases, in which patient requires regular visits and consultation of doctor. Some diseases or medical problem requires regular follow-up and check-up by consulting doctors. For such patients, it is a hectic way to pay large sum of money every time they visit doctor. To provide an easy and accurate solution of this problem, Direct Primary Care Carrollton provides their patients, so many beneficial and advantageous membership plans. By using these membership plans, one can save a large amount of money along with getting numerous advantages over random visitors to the hospital. Here are some of the main advantages discussed as follows:

  1. A member will get direct access to his consulting doctor or physician anytime 24 x7. In case of emergency he can call doctor via phone call or can consult via text messaging. It is one unique advantage provided by Carrollton Family Physicians, to their valuable patients. It is best for patients who require consultation at the middle of the night or in case of any energy at home. It avoids searching and finding a doctor during hospital closing hours.
  2. Carrollton Family Physicians give preference to their member patients by facilitating them to spend zero-waiting time in-lines and in waiting-room. They can directly come just by booking an appointment and consult the concerned physician without any delay.
  3. Members are provided with facility of having unlimited number for doctors’ visits. Once the membership fees paid, they don’t have to pay separately every time. It gives advantage of saving money by opting onetime payment plan.
  4. For valuable members, their problems and medical issues are addressed within minutes of concern. They are at the priority list. Concern doctor always provides them accurate and result-oriented treatment plans, which can give them sure-cure from medical problems.

Primary HealthCare Service – A Revolutionary Approach by Family Doctors & Physicians in Carrollton and Plano

family-practice-bradenton-doctorHealthCare is one of the important matters to discuss about, these days. The kind of lifestyle, we are following does not allow us to be careless even for a half of the percent. However, presently, people are paying attention towards their over-all health but more of people need to be aware of the fact that sick-care is not what they should wait for. They need Over-All-Health-Care. Why anyone would want to wait to feel sick and then rush to find medical-assistance? Why not to be just fit, hale and hearty and healthy always? Primary Care is all about being proactive rather than being reactive to situation of illness, sickness. This type of healthcare has become highly acceptable by people around the world due to its Efficiency and Excellency.

Primary HealthCare – a frontline medical care – is offered by highly qualified, board certified Carrollton Family Physicians and Family Doctors Plano. The experts are trained & highly experienced to handle primary care needs of all individuals [including infants to geriatric patients]. The aim is to put quality back into healthcare system, and to provide luxury health-care assistance to all individuals that all can afford as well. Outstanding Features of HealthCare Assistance offered by Carrollton Family Physicians and Family Doctors Plano:

  • Personalized medical-care assistance, solutions to all [including children and adults]
  • Accessible Services – direct access to doctors and physicians and 24 hour access to experts via texts or email
  • Comprehensive Services – All primary care needs are practiced and handled for infants and geriatric patients as well. Doctors have obtained extra certification in arteriology, or the study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls
  • An evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes
  • Luxury Plus Affordable Services – Patients get same day appointment. No need to sit or be in waiting queues. Enough face to face time to consult with expert or doctor. Issues are addressed immediately. No referral hassles and no limited availability. To provide affordable service to all individuals – there are membership plans for children and adults [flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee] with additional benefits: physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures.

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Membership-Plans for Direct Primary Care in Carrollton


At Carrollton Family Physicians, clients can take benefit of many membership-plans and discounted-rates for best in class healthcare services. They understand the requirement of clients and treat them with best possible solution of problems.

Carrollton Family Physicians is the most affordable and economical healthcare service provider of the region, who works dedicatedly for wellness of their clients. They came up with different membership-plans and offers to make high standard medical facilities available for general public also. The most advantageous and frequently taken membership plans are

  1. Adult memberships for $95/month
  2. child memberships for $45/month

Direct Primary Care Carrollton is known for their high standard Medicare services to needy persons. Their professional doctors and physicians treat patients in the most effective way. They are certainly the best doctors with highest level of qualification in medical field. Their experience in the field of medical treatments makes them expert and skilled. Some of the benefits, which are available for members, are as follows

  • Un-limited number of visits to concerned doctors
  • Annual-discounts on consultation charges
  • Urgent care procedures in case of serious health issues
  • An annual physical exam which includes EKG also
  • In-office medications
  • Point of care testing
  • 24/7 – Direct access to a physician via e-mail or SMS

They also provide facility to cancel your membership, in case it is not required anymore. However, it requires 30 days advance notice to cancel membership. After completion of first 90-days of membership, if you are not satisfied with services, than you can cancel it via phone-call or e-mail. Direct Primary Care Carrollton also provides membership plans for large or small business organizations. Many business companies and organizations facilitate their employees with good healthcare membership plans to provide them health-benefits. For such requirements Direct Primary Care Carrollton is the best service provider for them to get membership plans in a bulk-ratio. It provides the employee a high standard healthcare plan for their family and relatives at very attractive and economical rates.  They can save up to 30% on healthcare cost.

Carrollton Family Physicians provide 24 x 7 medical care facilities for their regular visitors and members. They truly care about patient more than anything else. Taking care of patient and providing them instant care and attention, is their biggest motto of working. Their healthcare facilities are very cost-effective, yet very advanced. They make use of hi-tech medical equipments, which leaves no doubt regarding quality services.

Professional Medical Assistance In Carrollton


Carrollton Family Physicians is the name of trust for patients who are looking for medical help. They are professional experts of medical field who provide their skills in serving patients with care and attention. Their fine knowledge and experience is helpful in treating patients with best possible treatments methods for quick relief and care.

At Carrollton Family Physicians you can get following benefits

  • There are different membership levels based on flat fees-payment and annual-fee payment
  • Annual-discount offers for regular visitors
  • 24-hours access to concerned physicians with the help of mail or text message.
  • They work with evidence-based method for planning treatment-method.

Carrollton Family Physicians believes in giving easy access to professional healthcare system, for all patients from each and every social-class. Healthcare with personalized attention and care is effective is many aspects. Unlike of traditional set-up in hospitals and healthcare centers, they provide hi-tech systems and programs for connecting with their patients in a better way. Waiting for hours, to meet your concern physicians in not the way, in centers of Carrollton family Physicians. They arrange instant meetings with doctors and related physicians, without even waiting in lines. They see only 600 patients at the maximum limit. It ensures fine attentions and better focus on treatments. Each and every patient comes with different requirements and expectation from his doctor. These doctors for Senior Care Carrollton are very focused with their job.

To provide instant relief and most effective treatment results for patients is their primary concern. Their knowledge in medical field is vast and therefore they treat patients with best of their skills and experience. Senior Care Carrollton is a luxury healthcare within your reach. Patient in pain, demands to see doctor as soon as possible. Waiting in lines and for their chance to come, is very difficult to manage for a person who is suffering from some illness. Sometimes patients come with urgency also. Securing appointments is not the surety for getting quick attention and meeting with doctors. However if you are a member of Senior Care Carrollton, than you can get access to their professional and finest health care system, within no time of reaching at the centre. Their consultation fee is affordable for general public also, yet the services offered are best in class for all visitors. There are no hidden fees. If you are taking membership, than you can get advantage of priority attention and discounted fee payments options.

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