Approach & Appoint Family Physician in Plano and in Dallas


A Healthy Human Being can put entire efforts to achieve anything! Health is wealth and it comes before anything else! We are here to discuss about a frontline medical care system gaining tremendous acceptance because of its efficiency and optimistic results along with beneficial facilities. This is Primary HealthCare Service offered by Family Physician Plano and Family Physician Dallas that we are discussing about. Some factors are must to consider while choosing family physician or doctor in Dallas or in Plano.

  • Highly qualified yet friendly
  • Prompt communication
  • Convenient office-hours
  • Availability of doctors, physicians
  • Service-costs, membership-packages

The kind of lifestyle we are living demands each individual to be hale and hearty. Also, each individual deserves to have best of the healthcare services each time. A Primary HealthCare Assistance is very essential considering kind of lifestyle people are following, environment they are living in. Primary healthcare assistance involves diagnosing medical-health-conditions and problems at early stage. There are family physicians offering excellent healthcare solutions at affordable costs. Experts are highly qualified and certified. They are experienced and competent Family Doctors in Dallas and Plano providing accessible and comprehensive luxury healthcare assistance at competitive medical-service-costs. Let us discuss about advantages and benefits:

  • Family Doctors and physicians in Dallas and Plano are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable. They are experienced offering primary healthcare assistance to people, including infants to adults
  • They provide personalized healthcare solutions that is not possible to receive in traditional hospital settings
  • Same Day Appointment, No More Waiting-Queues
  • Family Physician Plano and Family Physician Dallas provide enough time to patients to listen to their problems, understand and evaluate their health-conditions, educating and informing patients about their health-problems and its treatments
  • Membership plans are offered to people. There are different levels of membership plans. This is one best way to have great and luxury healthcare assistance at affordable costs. This is to fulfill the aim of putting quality back into healthcare and promoting healthy lifestyle for all individuals
  • Annual discounts to members are offered as well
  • Unlimited visits, urgent care procedures, annual physical exam, in-office medications and point of care testing and 24/7 direct access to physician are benefits for members

5 Common Questions on Direct Primary Care: In a Practicing Doctor’s Words

Dr Hurt
Diamond Physicians is part of a revolutionary new practice model – you should absolutely have questions about how we are changing the way you go to the doctor.
Here are the top five questions we get from patients:
I already have good health insurance – why would I pay more money to see a doctor?
  • Can you use it the way you want to or do you feel like you are “just a number” on an assembly line?
  • Is it saving you time? Do you wait to see your physician or do they wait on you? Can you get in touch with your physician 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Can you get in to see them today if you called right now?
  • Is it saving you money? Are you paying grossly inflated insurance prices for labs and imaging? Do you feel that it is worth what you are paying for it?
Good health insurance does not necessarily equal good health care. At Diamond Physicians, your monthly membership fee saves you time, saves you money, and puts YOU back in control.
Sounds like a great idea, but I’m healthy and don’t need to to see a doctor that often.
Great! We have cash-pay options for one-time walk-in appointments. Furthermore, we offer advanced executive physicals similar to those performed at the Mayo Clinic, Cooper Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic here locally in Frisco at a fraction of the cost. Our Diamond 360 packages can provide you with in-depth metrics on heart health, cancer screening, genetic markers, gut microbiome, nutrient absorption, and hormone balance. Our current patients will tell you that by focusing on preventative health BEFORE they were sick instead of just coming in when they were ill helped us detect and treat illnesses before they happen, reducing the need for future ER visits or hospitalization.
What about specialists?
We have a network of specialists we work with to help get you seen quickly and to help coordinate your care. We can help you either use your existing insurance plan or pay a heavily discounted cash price for their services. Even if you have specialists you see around the country, we can serve as a manager of your overall health care, and advocate for you wherever you go – be it another specialist office or a hospital setting. In addition, you would be surprised at what a family doctor can do. Family physicians are trained to deliver babies, take care of terminally ill hospice patients and do a little bit of everything in between. We can help you with about 80% of your healthcare needs, and help you navigate the system for the other 20%.
So are you always on call?
For our members, yes we are. 24/7 access is included in your monthly membership fee at no additional cost. Between the hours of 8-5 Monday through Friday, I am in my office located near the intersection of Legacy and Lebanon. Same day or next business day appointments will always be available to our members. After hours and on weekends, you can call, text, or e-mail me directly anytime. (Urgent office visits and home calls on nights and weekends do incur a nominal fee – but are available at a fraction of Urgent Care and hospital ER costs.) We are able to provide this level of care by seeing only 20% of the volume of a traditional family medicine office.
What is the catch?
There isn’t one. Patients go to the doctor for help, not to fill out insurance paperwork. Doctors went to medical school to help people, not fill out insurance paperwork. By bypassing insurance companies, we can both reestablish a true patient-physician relationship and make decisions about your health together without needing to please a third party. This is medicine as it was practiced in the 50s and 60s – medicine YOUR way.
Call our office today to set up a free consultation to see if Diamond Physicians is right for you.
Myers R. Hurt III, MD
Office: 214-945-3621
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Visit a Family Physician Plano to Avail Wellness and Preventive Care

family-physician-PlanoThere are several people who are well-aware about the new model of healthcare- Concierge and Direct Primary Care Frisco (DPC) are getting unmatched popularity among all those people who want the best medical assistance without dealing with the hassle and overhead of insurance & reimbursements. Patients who are suffering from one of other chronic illness or have impaired immune system incline to connect with qualified physicians who practice membership model of medicine and provide quality healthcare, which altogether contributes in optimizing their wellness. If we talk about DPC only, this reformulation of concierge medicine is appreciated a lot for its patient-friendly approach; it proves to be economical, easily accessible, and a way to get all health issues addressed on time. There are several reasons why you should get in touch with a family physician Plano, which this article will discuss–

To get access to around-the-clock primary health care, a great fraction of general mass is opting DPC where a single retainer fee paid by the patients to enjoy top-notch benefits like wellness and preventive care, access to a board certified family physician Plano, anytime access to physicians (via phone, text or email), same day appointments, virtually zero wait time, discounted lab services, supportive counseling and much more. This Direct Primary Care model of healthcare is gaining traction these days due to its apparent benefits, and if you too want to get benefitted with the same in Dallas, Frisco, North Carrollton and surrounding regions, then you can shake hands with the family doctors of Diamond Physicians.

Diamond Physicians is a one-stop destination to get the first-rate healthcare services that you had never experienced before. Unlike traditional healthcare practice where a doctor sees 3000 patients or more, doctors from Diamond Physicians see no more than 600 patients which empower them to offer more face-to-face time with their patients and listen to their health concerns. With limited patient load, they invest more time in analyzing the medical history of their patients, their current health status, their personal health goals, and then accordingly design a perfect health plan which checks problematic issues and help them be fit and healthy. The best part of connecting with Diamond Physicians is that they have brought different membership levels viz. flat fees, monthly or annual- you can choose what you find appropriate for you and move ahead. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to connect with a qualified family physician Plano, connect with Diamond Physicians. Visit their website for further details.

Find Comprehensive Medical Care- Choose Concierge Medicine Dallas


Medical emergencies are scary- the moment you see your loved one in pain, you want to provide them instant relief and medical assistance, which seems to be beyond reach if you follow the traditional model of medicine. To get access to more-personalized care and urgent assistance of qualified physicians to tackle unlikely situations of medical emergencies, you can choose to move ahead with concierge medicine Dallas, a healthcare model where you will be covered 24*7 by your physicians. Gaining unmatched popularity these days after Obamacare Repeal, you should certainly consider concierge medicine, where you can get first-rate medical help without dealing with insurance and reimbursements. You will just have to pay a membership fee (annually, monthly, or quarterly), and once done, you can connect with your doctors anytime you want to gain comprehensive and personalized health care. Let us discuss more about the same here in this small blog post.

Concierge medicine Lewisville, which is also known with the name Boutique Medicine, Private Physician Care or Retainer Medicine, is practice where doctors offer unbiased care to patients who choose their membership plan. Idea is to exchange retainer (typically in the form of cash) and the best medical care, which presents a complete win-win situation. With limited patient load, concierge physicians devote more time to address the health issues and problems of their patients and deliver quality care to let them roll back to their routine lifestyle in minimum time. There are umpteen benefits of preferring concierge medicine; to count a few, you can-

  • Connect with your physician anytime via text and email
  • No waiting time in queues
  • Longer appointments
  • Cutting-edge medical testing
  • Wellness and nutritional coaching
  • Same-day and next-day appointments
  • House calls
  • Zero copay
  • Cost-effective membership plans

So, in case you want to acquire these and several other valuable benefits of Concierge medicine Lewisville in Dallas, Frisco, and North Carrollton areas, you can get in touch with Diamond Physicians. They are trusted source to get personalized health care and assistance of board certified physicians who provide quality and comprehensive medical care to their patients. Their team of expert concierge physicians follows a holistic healthcare approach to treat their patients and help them achieve optimal wellness. Diamond Physicians’ membership plans are affordable and start at $95 a month- get in touch with them today to get the best healthcare services.

All You Need to Know About GOP Health Care Bill

GOP-health-care-billCurrently, Obamacare Repeal is one of the top news- house republicans recently passed The American Health Care Act (AHCA) on this Thursday afternoon (May 4, 2017) for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The bill is expected to draw a mammoth impact on the lives of Americans and has a great potential to drastically change the health care system of the US.

President Donald Trump and his party finally managed to get the GOP health care bill passed (217 in favor of the bill and 213 against) for the replacement of 2010 health care overhaul. The bill officially declares the plan that entails a significant reduction in the taxes, but will also bring along the risk that millions of people, including those who have preexisting conditions, older Americans, and the poor will lose their health insurance coverage. The bill is yet to see a green flag- the fate of Obamacare is in the Senate, where it is expected to face major hurdles.

However, if you are concerned about losing your insurance coverage with Obamacare Repeal, it is must for you to get acquainted with the alternative model of health care that recommends, but not mandates patients to have some form of health insurance. We here are talking about the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model that is ideal for those patients who aim to get quality medical care without spending a fortune. DPC model is a kind of relationship between the physician and patient, where people who aim to avail ongoing and comprehensive care get access to their doctors 24*7 by choosing any of the membership plans they find suitable. This way, a patient and their family get a chance to get all their health concerns addressed on time as well as get all primary health care services like clinical, laboratory, and consultative services covered.

People living in Dallas, Frisco, North Carrollton, and surrounding regions wanting to opt for DPC model to bypass the need of insurance can get in touch with Diamond Physicians– they are a leading name that offers first-rate medical care to patients. Their membership packages are competitively priced and you can get access to your physician anytime over call, text, or email- do visit their website to get further details or book a free consultation today.

Concierge Medical Assistance & Service in Dallas and Lewisville


Approach Concierge Doctors or Physicians offering excellent Direct Primary Care Service to all individuals. Let us discuss about Concierge Medicine Dallas and Concierge Medicine Lewisville.

Traditional hospital settings do not allow you to have personalized medical-care. Such settings do not allow: to have 24×7 access to doctors via phone or emails, to have urgent care procedures in emergency, to have direct access to doctors, to have same day appointments and to have hassle free meeting. You may need to wait even for an hour or two to see doctor. You may not get enough of face to face time to consult your medical condition or health problem with doctor due to long-queue of patients waiting for their turn. Well, this is about traditional hospital medical system. We are here to discuss about a frontline healthcare system which is none other than Direct Primary HealthCare offered by Concierge Doctors in Dallas and Lewisville.

Concierge Medicine Dallas and Concierge Medicine Lewisville Services are offered by highly qualified, board certified and experienced doctors. Their aim is to promote healthy lifestyle for all individuals. Their focus is on putting quality back into healthcare and making it affordable for all individuals. Concierge doctors and physicians provide excellent, luxury and affordable healthcare assistance that brings several beneficial facilities to patients/ individuals:

  • This healthcare system is completely personalized, comprehensive and accessible
  • This type of assistance is affordable all individuals
  • Patients get same day appointment and no struggle
  • They need not to wait for hours to see doctor. They get direct access to their doctor
  • Patients get unlimited face to face time to consult with doctor
  • They get their health or medical issue addressed immediately
  • They do not need to struggle during emergency. They get 24×7 access to doctors via email or texts.
  • They are provided with urgent care procedures
  • They are bestowed with excellent and quality healthcare assistance right from primary care needs to acute health conditions
  • Healthcare Assistance is offered for all individuals [from infants to geriatric patients] [for children and adults]
  • Membership ship plans are introduced. There are different levels based on flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee for children and adults. There are some additional benefits to members including physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures

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Expert Concierge Doctors in Frisco


Direct Primary Care and Healthcare concierge is becoming very popular in current scenario, where patients are willing to spend money for medical issues, being treated with perfection. Concierge care gives an opportunity for patients to get expert care and attention of concerned doctor. In general hospitals and medical centers, doctors may become engaged in handling up to thousands of cases, at a time. However, the methods in Healthcare concierge are very different from this. It provides opportunity of personalized treatment methods and focused approach towards patient’s medical issues.

In hospitals generally patients have to wait for their token number to be announced for doctors’ visit or they have to sit in waiting rooms for extended period of time, just to consult their concerned physician. Direct Primary Care doctors in Frisco provide a different experience of treatment for patients by providing them personalizes attention. These doctors in Frisco are limited to take only 600 cases at a time and therefore able to give their full attention in every patient’s medical history. It is lot more relaxing for patient also, when he do not have to wait for his turn to come. In case of emergency, this is the perfect step to be taken, to get assistance of expert doctors in Frisco.

These medical centers provide very advantageous membership plans for patients who need regular consultation. Membership provides many advantages for patients over random visitors. One of the major benefits is that they have to pay one time annual fee and can take consultation of physician throughout the year. There is no need to pay separately for every visit. Another advantage in that, members can contact their physicians any time via phone call and text messages, if they need consultation on urgent basis. Generally patients do not have access to doctors personal contact numbers where they can call in emergency conditions and get relief by quick advices on phone. However, members of direct primary care get access to their concerned doctor’s contact details and can call them anytime, when consultation is required.

Medical treatments are the ways to get fast relief from your pains. Such expert services should be available for general public also, at economical rates, so that everyone will get benefit of experienced doctors’ consultation. Here at direct primary care Frisco clinic, their main goal is to make expert and experienced medical services, available for needy person, at very affordable prices. Doctors available here, are certified and very talented in handling cases with perfection and knowledge.