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Diamond Physicians for Best Health Insurance Plan for Individuals

Diamond physicians present one of the most beneficial and advantageous Texas health insurance plans for individuals. There are so many reasons which amplify the advantages of choosing these trust concierge doctors in Texas over others. When it comes to patients, they always give preference to treating their problems, instead of other formalities and casual procedures required at the hospital. Numerous times, patients come under the condition of emergency and they always require on-time help of some good physician, who can understand their problem and suggest best solution immediately.

Health insurance plans are highly beneficial in such conditions where case of emergency is often for any individual. Certainly members get some benefits over others; however these are not restricted to them only. Diamond physician believes in providing best and equal medical support to all patients, who come in their health centre with hope of relief from problem. Health insurance plans are available for various categories such as for individuals, small business health insurance Texas and also health insurance for self employed in Texas. At diamond physician, all concierge doctors and physicians are experienced and expert in medical field. They always provide best support to patients by going beyond their expectation and beliefs. To provide on time and effective treatment is the main concern of every employees working here. This is a member based medical service provided for individuals, small business groups and also for self employed persons.

Member based services provide personalized and high quality care for patients for sure. You will not at all find any crowded room in health center. Appointments are strictly first come first serve basis. Patients or members can also contact their concerned doctor via text message or phone call, anytime they need help from them. Also there is no hidden fee for any member or patient coming here with a ray of hope. Generally patients come with problems and find it difficult to take stress of paying high consultation fees and hidden charges of health care centre. However, in this leading healthcare center, no charges are hidden. Members can pay one-time fee and become free to consult doctors anytime they want. The members-ship fee is on annual basis. No need to stand in long waiting queues and waits for your turn to come after so many others. You can directly take appointment with doctors and visit them without and delay. Following are some advantages which you will get after becoming member with diamond healthcare center:

 Here you will get 24/7 access to board certified physicians and doctors.
 You can contact your concerned doctor anytime via phone call or text message.
 You don’t have to wait longer to visit your physician directly.
 You can get same day appointment without taking much time in formalities.
 Here you will get revolutionary and specialized heart attack and stroke prevention
program for members.


Concierge Medicine- Ensure Well being of Employees with Decreased Healthcare Costs


concierge-medicineThe rising costs of traditional healthcare model have become one of the biggest matters of concern for people of United States lately. Especially those high-risk patients who are having chronic health issues, or have health problems due to their old age are in constant pressure of paying doctors, hospitals and other medical providers involved in their treatment plan. In addition, the insurance chaos is always present like a villain you need to fight a battle with! If you too are someone who is worried about these aspects of traditional healthcare approach, then a better alternative that we would like to suggest you is concierge medicine.

Patients always expect personalized, coordinated and affordable care from their physicians, and this is absolutely possible by opting concierge medicine. Widely known with the terms membership medicine, boutique care, or direct care, concierge medicine is the simplistic model of health care where patients avail high quality health services and direct, 24*7 access to board certified physicians by paying a certain amount of membership fees. Benefits associated with concierge medicine includes focus on patient care and satisfaction, financial incentives, curative, holistic and preventive care, lab and imaging discounts, zero copay and more individualized attention.

Not just individuals, but employers are also choosing this growing model of healthcare. Several organizations today connect with the leaders in concierge medicine industry to effectively control their overall medical expenses and reduce the individual healthcare risk. Companies benefit by eliminating Texas health insurance plans for individuals, which enhances employee health & wellness along with reducing the inflationary costs of small business health insurance in Texas. The ongoing healthcare plans where physicians focus on prevention allows them save their several precious dollars which are spent to provide healthcare coverage to employees. With successful implementation of these plans, one can notice a drastic difference in the number of leaves taken due to medical issues and regular sickness.

You will be glad to know, that the concierge physicians also provide health insurance for self employed in Texas and also come up with certain revolutionary healthcare plans to check the stress and similar health risks of busy professionals. For instance they use advanced evidence based method to detect, prevent, and reverse cardiovascular disease to prevent major health issues that may arise in imminent future.

We hope it is clear that no matter you are an individual seeking the best healthcare services or an employer trying to eliminate the big medical expenses, concierge medicine is just right for you. To get in touch with board certified panel of membership medicine in Dallas, Frisco and nearby regions, connect with Diamond Physicians. They provide outstanding and affordable membership plans. To know more, check the website today!

Find Concierge Healthcare Services for Personalized Assistance

Concierge Health Care Services means Comprehensive, Personalised and Accessible care for all Individuals. Let us discuss more this beneficial health care assistance.

Each person deserves an excellent healthcare assistance. And to bring this matter into practice for everyone, concierge doctors offer brilliant care solutions. Basically, this service is to provide patients with personalized, accessible care. This service is unlike traditional hospital and medical care settings. In traditional setting of medical care, a doctor may have to look after thousands of patients but when it comes to Concierge doctors, they have only limited of patients at any given time.This means when you find concierge doctor you get personalized and easily accessible assistance at any given time. The lesser the patients to handle leads to better service from doctors or physicians. There are several benefits of finding and hiring a concierge doctor. Let us discuss.

Easily Accessible

Concierge doctors offer easily accessible care services. Usually, in the traditional hospital system, patients are required to wait in queue for their turn to see a doctor. They get limited consultation time with doctors as there are other patients waiting in the queue. They also go through hurdles to get an immediate appointment at times of emergency. There is no room for 24×7 services from doctors most of the times. Concierge care services are another way around. In this service system, Concierge doctors provide longer, more frequent appointments. Patients need not wait in the queue. They can get same day appointment, direct access to doctors and physicians, and 24×7 access to experts via emails or texts.

Personalized Care Services

Because concierge doctors handle limited patients, they are able to pay attention to each patient individually. They provide personalized healthcare solutions. They maintain records of medical and health history of each patient.

Comprehensive HealthCare

They promise to offer comprehensive services to all individuals, from in infants to geriatric patients. They are highly qualified and experienced to handle all primary care needs as well as serious diseases like diabetes and related to the heart.

 Proactive Approach

Usually, people rush to doctors when they feel sick. Concierge healthcare service is all about over all healthcare but not a sick-care. The doctors are focused on providing quality healthcare to all individuals and have proactive approach rather than being reactive. They take time to look at patient’s entire health history on each visit, which often helps them identify and diagnose issues as the patient is developing, rather than when the patient is already serious.

Manage all aspects of patient care

Doctors give more and enough time to the patient to talk about issues. They consider how those issues are related to patient’s overall health. It is beneficial to have a doctor familiar with entire medical history because this can help in making important connections and diagnoses.

Excellent, Quality HealthCare at Affordable Cost

Another important benefit is that Concierge medical care service is cost-effective. As they follow being proactive rather than being reactive, they truly promote prevention is better than cure. Preventive care certainly helps control healthcare costs for patients/people.


Easily Assessable Facilities of Professional Healthcare Center

Conventional healthcare centers and hospitals are now out-of-context with innovative and revolutionized way of providing professional Healthcare facilities to patients. With changing time, patients demand for more attention and good level of treatment from his doctors and physicians, after paying them huge sum of money. However, it is required also, to give focused approach towards treating patients and salvages them out of the pain and suffers as soon as possible.

The most revolutionized healthcare center provides world-class facilities for Sports medicine, weight management, Preventative medicine, Hormone Therapy and many other categories of treatment, at very economical charges. One of the most important factors for any patient is the expenditure of money while visiting doctor or physician; it is like an extra burden on someone, who is already suffering from health problems. Spending huge sum of money every time he visits consulting doctor is a bit difficult situation to handle for any patient, especially if he is regular at the hospital.  However, this innovative healthcare centre with expertise physicians, believes in providing new standard of facilities for their patients with best of health care services.

Waiting in queues and standing in front of reception for extended duration is also one of the major problems in conventional hospitals. But you will find solution to this problem in these innovative healthcare centers where you can directly visit your consulting doctor after taking prior appointments. No need to stand in lines and waiting for your token number to display.

Here you will get access to many experienced and professional doctors and physicians as a solution to your health problem. They are well knowledgeable and experienced with treating numerous patients and therefore handle each and every case with perfection.  One of the most experienced and talented doctor available here is, Dr. Tara K. Bagen. She is MD, CAQSM, and one of the most professional doctors available in this healthcare centre.  She firmly believes in providing world class treatment facility to patients, who come in search of best assistance and consultation from expert doctors. Better access to your consulting doctor certainly helps in getting high quality care and treatment. Here doctors are allowed to take only 600 cases at a time and not more than that, which is unlike of conventional hospitals; where you may find a doctor, engaged with thousands of cases at a time. Limited number of cases at a time for Dr Link gives more focused approach towards understanding patient’s requirement. It in turn helps in treating them with best suited medical plan and resourceful facilities. At this healthcare centres. You will get an option to become member and take benefit of saving huge sum of money, which is going to be spent on every visit. By becoming member, one can get full access to his doctor and can contact them anytime 24×7 via phone call or text messaging.


Franchise Options for Professional Concierge Doctors and Physicians

A professional concierge Doctors from leading healthcare center always aim to achieve their goal, for providing world class luxury healthcare opportunities to one and all. Medical facility should always be equal to everyone. A patient requires fine care and attention unlike of the fact that from where he/she is coming. Whole medical professional is based on fulfilling this novel social cause and concierge doctors work with this fact keeping in mind.

Medical facility should always be same for any person, whether he belongs to economic-class and any social-group, without any differentiation. In current scenario of medical field, we get to know the fact that, a certain percentage of doctors and physicians are getting involved in making their medical knowledge and skills as profession or business to gain money. They feel free to charge you hundreds and thousands of bucks against providing you treatment and consultation. However, the medical field has nothing to do with it and it certainly does not stand on such values. Therefore, these concierge doctors provide, needy patients, a place where they will get world-class medical treatment, indifferent of their social class and without paying huge sum of money for every visit.

Concierge Doctors available here are refrained to take only limited number of cases at a time. This number is only limited to treating 600 patients. This idea works behind the reason for availability of better treatment, care and focused attention of consulting doctor at every visit.  Completely new standards of healthcare services are operated here for goodwill of society and needy patients, with providing them better opportunities. In traditional hospitals and medical centers, watching a scene of hall-full with patients standing in queue and waiting for their turn to came, is common for all. However, this is the story of older days now, when you can get access to your consulting doctor without standing and waiting in queue and directly meet them with taking appointments.  It is best for a patient who is coming to hospital in urgency of taking treatment. He certainly wants to spend minimum time at the reception or waiting room.

Concierge doctor franchise option:

Here is an opportunity for concierge doctors and physicians to take part in DPC franchise and give a boost to their medical career. Any physical or investor can take advantage of this fine opportunity of DPC franchise. They have need of dedicated concierge doctors for franchise who are interested in working for this novel cause of providing highest quality medical treatments for patients. Franchise locations include Frisco, Dallas and North Carrollton. There is a plan of opening new office at Texas and from coast to coast, which is also full of scope ad opportunity for dedicated medical professionals. These newly opening medical centers require expert and professional concierge doctor franchise to provide finest quality medical facilities. Concierge doctor franchise is the best opportunity for medical professionals to grab and enhance their carrier as a concierge doctor.


Nurture Your Health- Get Assistance of the Best doctors in Dallas

By taking modern lifestyle in glance, people are suffering from major health ailments and thereby risking their lives. Rising globalization, hectic work-schedules and unhealthy lifestyle are making bad impact on health, which leads to sufferings and they need to be taken care of. If we talk about risk factors in Dallas, TX; more than 40% of the population is suffering from metabolic syndrome- which increases the risk of heart attack, hypertension, weight-gain, diabetes and much more; and it is due to irregular or lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle as stated above. To abandon such life-threatening risks, it is necessary, making a better approach towards best doctors in Dallas; for those who live in Dallas can take experts advice on their everyday health habits and what more they can do to reduce such risks.

Best doctors are like- angels sent by God, which wakes you up with their magical touch, gifting you another life ahead; they are, here to grant stable and healthy life. Good doctors, play very vital role in supporting your life; they respect people regardless who they are, supports their patients as well as family members in their illnesses, listen to their queries carefully and guide them with best available information and promote good health by not only prescribing medicines but, to make them happy by being there with them. Their job is being positive supporter for their patients and to be ready to learn from others, regardless of what position or status they belong to. Best doctors in Dallas bestows you balanced lifestyle with much care as needed; they play very vital role in healthcare, by properly understand your problems and hence, make necessary diagnosis.

Family doctors in Dallas, TX are board certified and have trained in primary care needs from elderly patients to infants. For them, their job is to meet the needs of patients rather than, being professional towards costly treatments and diagnosis. Also, patients can make direct access to board certified doctors in case of any medical issues, via e-mail and text-messages. Patients can also plan their visits through membership plans, which are cost effective and time saving and no additional fees needed. Moreover, these plans are very organized and insurance free, and cover everything which is required during medical treatment or diagnosis. Doctors do have limited patient load and hence can better focus in providing medical facilities to their most needed patients.

It can be tricky sometimes, to get in touch with the best doctors in Dallas and nearby areas, because of lack of proper assistance and incomplete information and to avoid this, it is necessary to search for proper information which guides you, towards, best certified physicians and one can end his/her search, by approaching to Diamond Physicians. They are the leading healthcare provider, revolutionizing healthcare services like you have never experienced before. Their mission is to provide highest and most personalized medical services which are plausible. Do visit to and get benefited with their prominent services.

Weight Management and Chronic Disease Management calls for more “Personal” Attention

These days, over 2/3 of Americans are over-weight. Chronic disease treatment cost more than half of American annual healthcare cost. Both, while not causing drastic outcome as cancer or cardiovascular incidents, have significantly reduced the quality of our daily lives and increased our healthcare cost. As family doctors, we have been advising our patients to switch from the sedentary lifestyle to more active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, lifestyle change alone, in most of our patient cases, cannot reverse the conditions as weight and chronic diseases did not happen in one day. Those patients who got these issues under control usually work with family doctors offering a wide array of personalized healthcare services. These new breeds of doctors not just offer 24*7 assistance and preventative medicine solutions to patients, but also design individualized health care programs to help people achieve their primary health goals with utmost ease. You can even ask them to help you improve the aesthetics of your appearance, or can connect with them to get practical weight management plans to get rid of the excess fat or the fat you are likely to accumulate due to your monotonous everyday life. They will design a plan by considering your current profession, lifestyle and choices, and the past medical history as it may have an impact on the health decisions you make.

It may not be a common knowledge that Family doctors nowadays specialize in treating weight and chronical diseases through sub-specialties. These sub-specialties encompass men’s and women’s health, chronic disease management, sports medicine, aesthetics, acute illness and injury, hormone therapy, genetic based disease/condition prevention and more. Unlike specialists, their motto is to address all aspects of a person’s wellbeing, and protecting and promoting health in the best possible form. However, this great approach requires longer and deeper relationship between the patients and family doctor. While the average time for a doctor’s visit is 7 minutes, today’s insurance based family doctors cannot afford to provide in-depth care for longer term disease/weight management.

Considering the benefits of pairing up with these “new breeds of doctors” also known as concierge or DPC doctors (Direct primary care). Their approach provides enhanced medical attention, no waiting times, longer and same day/ next day appointments, house calls, zero copay, 24*7 access to doctors via, in addition to office visits, texts, emails, phones and video calls and more, many people are approaching to family physicians.
For those living in Frisco, Dallas, Plano and nearby areas, one of the most prominent concierge/DPC practices is Diamond Physicians. They have been the pioneer of this new model and known as the first one to bring this “luxury healthcare” to wider audience at affordable prices. To get further details, please visit the website