Connect with Diamond Physicians to Get Quality Healthcare Services


Health and wellness- do you choose to ignore them? Or, you are among those wittiest brains who believe that health is wealth and hence take the best care of yourself. For those who hail from the latter mentioned category, the concept of concierge medicine won’t be new- this new model of health care, which is also known with the names of retainer medicine, direct care and membership medicine makes it possible for patients to get comprehensive, personalized healthcare solutions, for which they need to simply pay their physicians an annual or monthly membership fees (retainer). The model is winning favor of several people these days who want to sidestep all the requirements of insurance but want an ideal assistance of qualified physicians practically all the time. If you too are one among those people who are seeking enhanced care in Dallas, Frisco, North Carrollton or surrounding regions, then do connect with Diamond Physicians.

Founded in 2012 by Dr, James Pinckney II, Diamond Physicians is a leading healthcare provider that is recognized as a leader in concierge medicine. The source delivers first-class patient care; people who buy their affordable membership packages enjoy several perks and privileges that help them live an active and fulfilling life. Starting from same day or next day appointments and all round the clock access to physicians via text or email, to house calls and longer in-person patient time, there are several benefits of availing healthcare services from Diamond Physicians. You will be glad to know that your concierge doctors can cater to emergency situations equally well, for instance if you find an issue in night hours or on weekends, you can avail urgent care on nominal fees and get your issues resolved first-hand.

The team of concierge physicians at Diamond Luxury Healthcare is efficient to address wide-range of common health problems and provide the necessary treatment plans. This even involves nutritional coaching, stress management, and guidance about the imperative change in lifestyle, which acts as a catalyst in speeding up the recovery process. They design a unique healthcare plan as per the need of individual and help them live a healthy and happy life. Almost 80% of your needs can be efficiently met by concierge physicians of Diamond Luxury Healthcare. However, in case physicians found that a case requires specialists, they refer you to one of the credible doctors from their network to coordinate your care.

Apart from what we have discussed so far, Diamond Physicians also brings a Diamond 360 Executive Program especially designed for those busy professionals who are occupied all the time and living a monotonous and tiring lifestyle. If you too travel frequently, handle high stress and deal with unlimited work load, you can gain the benefits of Diamond 360 Executive Program and make a commitment with your health. So, if you want to connect with the team of Diamond Physicians and get amazing healthcare solutions, visit the website without delay.


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