Concierge Medical Assistance & Service in Dallas and Lewisville


Approach Concierge Doctors or Physicians offering excellent Direct Primary Care Service to all individuals. Let us discuss about Concierge Medicine Dallas and Concierge Medicine Lewisville.

Traditional hospital settings do not allow you to have personalized medical-care. Such settings do not allow: to have 24×7 access to doctors via phone or emails, to have urgent care procedures in emergency, to have direct access to doctors, to have same day appointments and to have hassle free meeting. You may need to wait even for an hour or two to see doctor. You may not get enough of face to face time to consult your medical condition or health problem with doctor due to long-queue of patients waiting for their turn. Well, this is about traditional hospital medical system. We are here to discuss about a frontline healthcare system which is none other than Direct Primary HealthCare offered by Concierge Doctors in Dallas and Lewisville.

Concierge Medicine Dallas and Concierge Medicine Lewisville Services are offered by highly qualified, board certified and experienced doctors. Their aim is to promote healthy lifestyle for all individuals. Their focus is on putting quality back into healthcare and making it affordable for all individuals. Concierge doctors and physicians provide excellent, luxury and affordable healthcare assistance that brings several beneficial facilities to patients/ individuals:

  • This healthcare system is completely personalized, comprehensive and accessible
  • This type of assistance is affordable all individuals
  • Patients get same day appointment and no struggle
  • They need not to wait for hours to see doctor. They get direct access to their doctor
  • Patients get unlimited face to face time to consult with doctor
  • They get their health or medical issue addressed immediately
  • They do not need to struggle during emergency. They get 24×7 access to doctors via email or texts.
  • They are provided with urgent care procedures
  • They are bestowed with excellent and quality healthcare assistance right from primary care needs to acute health conditions
  • Healthcare Assistance is offered for all individuals [from infants to geriatric patients] [for children and adults]
  • Membership ship plans are introduced. There are different levels based on flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee for children and adults. There are some additional benefits to members including physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures

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