Expert Physicians Just A Call Away- Diamond Physicians


This is a team of expert and experienced Concierge Medical Doctors or concierge medicine in Dallas and Lewisville, working in benefit of persons, who require medical treatments on regular basis. They have centers in Dallas and Lewisville region and provide their finest medical healthcare service to patients since so many years. It is basically a membership-based service, which have so many benefit plans for patients. A person who is becoming member will be grated with 24 x 7 access to his /her consulting doctor without paying any extra mount of bugs for the same.

These expert concierge medicine Dallas and concierge medicine Lewisville Doctors are experienced in the field of medicines and healthcare facilities. Their aim is to provide easy and simple healthcare options for patients who are constantly surfing from certain illness or other category of medical problems. These are the patients, who requires regular checkups and treatment methods, however paying heavy amount of money ever time, they consul their doctor, makes it very inconvenient option. Many healthcare centers are available these days with best membership plans, however the category of membership plans available with these Concierge Doctors is the most beneficial and advantageous one. They are limited to take only 600 cases at a time, so that their full attention and focus remains on patients’ medical history and treatment plans. By this way they become able to give full attention and focus to every patient they entertain. Their membership plans basically starts from $95/month for adults and $45/month for child. There are so many advantages of becoming member here, which are discussed as follows:

  • Unlimited visits: There is an advantage of having unlimited visits to your consulting doctor. This is not possible in regular healthcare facilities where, each time you have to pay for doctors consulting visits.
  • Annual discounts: There is a plan for getting annual discount on payments, for patients who wants to become member.
  • Urgent care procedures: There is an advantage of getting urgent care procedure in case of any medical emergency. This concierge medicine Dallas and concierge medicine Lewisville Doctors will provide their assistance on urgent basis with best solution for fast relief.
  • An annual physical exam: There is a plan for annual physical examination or body check up for members which also includes EKG.
  • In-office medications: Members will get benefit of purchasing medicines from in-office medicine shops, to avoid any hassle. It also helps to get original quality of medicines.
  • Members will get direct access to their consulting physician 24/7, via text messaging or phone calls.

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