Direct Primary Care Service by Concierge Doctors


Presently, the kind of lifestyle individuals follow [including personal and professional responsibilities, tensions] demands to pay attention towards over-all-health, and need of hour is to have quality yet affordable healthcare assistance. Let us discuss about Concierge Medical Doctors offering direct primary care assistance to all.

Direct Primary Care Model – This system is unlike traditional hospital setting or traditional medical care system. When people feel sick or ill, they rush to doctors for sick-care assistance. Traditional system follows sick-care model on the other hand, Direct primary care system is all about over-all health.

Advantageous Features of Primary Care System

Primary Care System has become a frontline medical care system where doctors and physicians believe in being proactive rather than being reactive. They assist each individual personally and provide best solutions considering individual’s over-all-health.

  • Personalized healthcare assistance by Concierge Medical Doctors and Physicians
  • Comprehensive healthcare solutions to all individuals [from infants to geriatric patients]
  • Highly qualified, board certified and extremely experienced Concierge Doctors to provide all primary care needs to all individuals
  • Expert doctors hold extensive certification in Arteriology which is the study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls
  • Accessible Service and Solutions by Experts – Same day appointment, no waiting rooms and queues, direct access to doctors and physicians, unlimited face to face time for consultation, issue addressed immediately and 24×7 access to expert via texts and email and no referral hassles
  • Luxury, high quality and high standard medical care solutions are provided by Concierge Doctors to all including children and adults
  • Luxury and efficient healthcare assistance to all individuals at affordable cost – Membership plans are available on basis of flat, monthly and annual fee. Also, annual discounts, and an evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Additional facilities to members – physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures

Aim of Concierge Medical Doctors is to put quality back into healthcare by providing a systematic primary care healthcare service to all individuals which is affordable as well. Everyone deserves a quality healthcare assistance and to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Their aim is not to water down patient care in order to keep the revenue up. They want their patients to have first class medical, minimal wait times, and no co-pay.


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