Outstanding Patient Care to Everyone – Membership Medicine Plan


Everyone deserves the best healthcare assistance. There are several plans and programs focused on to provide quality medical-care services to all individuals. We are discussing about beneficial membership medicine plan and Obamacare replacement bill.

ObamaCare replacement bill – In March 2017, house of republican has released a bill to replace Affordable Care Act Bill. This replacement bill is American Health Care Act, AHCA. The bill is 123-page long and includes repealing most Affordable Care Act taxes in 2018. According to this replacement bill, Americans who have not purchased health insurance as of year 2016 will have to give ACA’s tax penalty. The bill retroactively repeals mandatory health insurance. The bill includes giving Medicaid a facelift which could affect uncompensated care and payment levels. It would convert to a system of capped per-capita federal grants to the states starting in 2020. It includes phasing out medical state expansion and establishing new premium tax credits. Other points in plan includes: encouraging high risk pool funding for stabilizing the individual insurance market, increase in costs for older insurance customers, reviving disproportionate-share payments, cutting low-income enrollee subsidies, this will be in effective at the of 2019 and reducing support to organizations performing abortions.

Membership Medicine Plan or Program – It is important to put quality back into healthcare. This is why expert Primary Healthcare Doctors and Physicians are focusing on providing and promoting luxury, personalized, accessible, comprehensive yet affordable medical-care assistance. There are membership medical plans available for all individuals. The Membership based plans are based on flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee to provide excellent healthcare assistance to all individuals with additional benefits of annual discounts, 24-hour access to their physician via email or text, an evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes and physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures. Plans are available for adults and children [for all individuals]. Doctors and Physicians are highly qualified, board certified and have extensive training in all primary care needs to provide assistance to all, from infants to geriatric patients. Benefits of primary care service includes direct access to doctors/ physicians, no wait time, same day appointment, issues addressed immediately, zero copay and unlimited urgent care. Expert healthcare professionals are focused to provide Complete HealthCare but not only Sick-Care. Their approach is focused on being proactive rather than being reactive.


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