Direct Primary HealthCare Service For SMB

tedaviDirect Primary Care Assistance and Service offered by qualified and highly experienced physicians and doctors in Dallas. Let us discuss how such healthcare service can be beneficial.

Direct Primary HealthCare Assistance is very beneficial in numerous ways. Let us start by understanding what does direct primary healthcare means? This healthcare service is the first point of contact in health care system. Primary healthcare assistance is offered to provide an easily accessible route to care to patient’s health-medical-conditions and problems. It is simply based on caring for people rather than specific diseases. There are highly qualified, board certified and experienced physicians and doctors, who are generalists, dealing with a broad range of physical, psychological and social problems. But, if they find patients health-condition or problem requires special medical assistance, they refer their patients to well-known specialists in disease area. They use their extensive network in field of medical-care-assistance-service and contact the right specialists to refer to clients. Direct Primary Care Service is personalized, accessible and comprehensive. Membership plans are offered for clients. The plans are categorized in levels based on charging patients a flat fee, monthly fee, or annual fee.

There are great benefits associated with approaching direct primary healthcare for SMB – substantial savings and greater degree of access to physicians and enough face-to-face time to consult with physicians.

Services of Primary Healthcare for SMB are offered with great advantages to company and its employees. Benefits and advantages include:

  • Eliminating insurance for the routine daily maintenance of health
  • Expert physicians focus on prevention rather than volume
  • Employees get primary and preventative care in a timely fashion without worrying about financial obstacles
  • Decreases hours spent away from the office for medical issues and sick leave
  • Cost-effective, quality care and promoting healthy behaviors
  • Decreases overall healthcare costs to employers and employees
  • Improves employees’ health and wellness while reducing the inflationary costs of insurance and healthcare

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