Ditch Crowded Waiting Rooms of Hospitals- Connect with Concierge Doctors

Concierge-DoctorsHealthcare is essential, vital for a healthy survival. No matter how hard we strive to adopt an active lifestyle and stay fit and active, chances exist that we may fall sick or confront an unlikely event where we get injured. In such cases, our go-to is always highly qualified physicians, who can check our health condition and provide us suitable treatment to recover faster.

However, these days, getting an appointment with a primary health care provider is not a piece of cake. Doctors run highly busy- they have got jam-packed schedules and hence they provide very limited in-person time to their patients. Moreover, the flooded waiting rooms also pile up the misery of pain of injury or illness- feeling dull in the dreary atmosphere of hospitals is not surprising. To ditch such hassle of waiting in queues to see a doctor and to avail the highest standards of health care, you can opt for the ideal alternative of shaking hands with the board certified concierge doctors.

These days, the traditional model of healthcare is getting replaced by concierge medicine. The model establishes a relationship between the primary care physicians and patients, where doctors ensure longer visits and 24*availability to their limited patients and in exchange gain a monthly/ annual or flat fees. This medical practice, which is oftentimes called as direct care, membership medicine, boutique medicine or retainer-based medicine is a unique way of getting covered by board certified doctors all round the clock and do not need insurance but deliver the best primary care Dallas in exchange of the retainer paid by the patients.

Unlike doctors who spend less time with patients in physical examination and prescribing a treatment, concierge doctors make themselves available to address all the health concerns of their patients. As these doctors have limited patient load and only the present and pre-specified number of patients to care for, hence it becomes easier for them to fully devote their time in supporting their patients- they devise individualized medication, nutrition and exercise plan by taking into account the unique health issues of their patients and help them heal well in minimum time. Furthermore, there are additional benefits of availing primary care Dallas that includes comprehensive and coordinated care, zero copay, 24*7 access to doctors via text and emails, virtually zero wait time, housecalls, chronic disease management and cost-effective health care. To get in touch with physicians practicing membership medicine in Dallas and Frisco area, head straightway to Diamond Physicians. They offer affordable membership plans and premium health care solutions- visit the website Diamondphysicians.com now.

Primary Care Solutions by Concierge Doctors in Dallas


Nothing comes first than Health. A healthy person can put in all his efforts to achieve what he wants. And, a healthy person always stays happy. Well, contemporary lifestyle has a lot of impacts on health. People are unable to pay attention towards their health. They have several things to deal with, including personal and professional responsibility, duties, on regular. It is important for people to look after their over-all health. We are discussing about frontline medical and health care system which is unlike traditional hospitals settings – Primary HealthCare Services offered by Concierge Doctors.

About Primary Care System – This system is unlike traditional hospital setting or traditional medical care system. Usually, when do people rush to doctors? Well, it is when already feel sick or ill. They actually rush to look for sick-care assistance. But, this is not acceptable considering present scenarios. Traditional system follows sick-care model on the other hand, Direct primary care system is all about over-all health. People need to follow over-all-health. In Dallas, Primary Care Dallas Solutions are provided by highly experienced Concierge Doctors.

Advantageous Features of Primary Care Dallas offered by Concierge Doctors

True that Primary Care System has become a frontline medical care system. This system is all about where doctors and physicians believe in being proactive rather than being reactive. Their job is to assist each individual personally and provide best solutions considering individual’s over-all-health. Primary Care Service includes:

  • Personalized healthcare assistance by Concierge Medical Doctors and Physicians
  • Highly qualified, board certified and extremely experienced Concierge Doctors to provide all primary care needs to all individuals
  • Expert doctors hold extensive certification in Arteriology which is the study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls
  • Comprehensive healthcare solutions to all individuals [from infants to geriatric patients]
  • Luxury, high quality and high standard medical care solutions are provided by Concierge Doctors to all including children and adults
  • Accessible Service and Solutions by Experts – Same day appointment, no waiting rooms and queues, direct access to doctors and physicians, unlimited face to face time for consultation, issue addressed immediately and 24×7 access to expert via texts and email and no referral hassles
  • Luxury and efficient healthcare assistance to all individuals at affordable cost – Membership plans are available on basis of flat, monthly and annual fee. Also, annual discounts, and an evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Additional facilities to members – physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures

Concierge Doctors have an aim which is to put quality back into healthcare by providing a systematic affordable primary care healthcare service to all individuals.

Connect with Family Doctors Plano to Get the Best Curative and Preventive Care


Are you someone who is worried about your chronic illness and hate visiting those doctors who have jam-packed schedules? Well, it is a bitter fact that these days all qualified physicians run extremely busy, and with the high patient load they have, they cannot devote sufficient time to address to the health concerns of each patient. Result? Dissatisfaction and more visits to family doctors Plano, which eventually means more medical expenses. To cut down these expenses and gain access to top-notch health care services, nothing can be any better than dropping the traditional model of healthcare and replacing it with the concierge medicine, where dedicated and board certified Carrollton family physicians make themselves available for their patients at every instance of time. Not sure about concierge medicine? This article will give you the introduction of this contemporary healthcare model at a glance.

Concierge medicine, which is also sometimes called as boutique medicine or direct care is the way to ensure personalized care and enhanced attention from highly qualified medical professionals. All physicians who practice concierge medicine offer memberships to patients- people who seek 24*7 access to doctors due to their chronic illness or to avail more emphasized attention buy membership plans from concierge doctors by paying them a retainer, generally in form a monthly, annually or flat fees. A concierge doctor ensures keeping minimum patient load and delivering safe, quality and compassionate health care. While patients enjoy a list of benefits- in case of a health problem, they can connect with their doctors via text or email at any hour of the clock, get same day or next day appointments, longer in-person schedules to discuss their concerns, zero wait time, housecalls and many more. This membership model of healthcare mutually benefits healthcare providers and patients wanting enhanced care, and hence is becoming much popular in recent times.

So, in case you are someone who wants to avail optimal care and connect with experienced and qualified Carrollton family physicians in Dallas, Frisco, North Carrollton and nearby areas, then you can shake hands with the team of Diamond Physicians. They are a leading source renowned to provide outstanding patient care and affordable membership plans. Their approach to healthcare is unique and dependable, and several patients are availing their services to enjoy a healthy and happy life. To get further details, visit them at Diamondphysicians.com.

Primary Care Service – A Frontline HealthCare System in Dallas and in Frisco


Primary healthcare solutions are offered by highly experienced doctors & physicians in Dallas and in Frisco. This type of assistance is becoming tremendously popular among people because of its optimistic results and beneficial facilities. Let us discuss about Direct Primary Care Services offered in Dallas and Frisco.

Primary Care Dallas Service is a key to stay happy and healthy always. This service is all about over-all-health-care. Usually, people follow medical or health care service only when they are already feeling sick or ill, meaning they follow sick-care service. But, people need to understand the importance of following over-all-healthcare service. However, many people are already following the services and experiencing optimistic results leading them towards happier and healthier life. Let us discuss more about this. A health Care Practitioner is who sees people/patients having common medical problems, we call Primary Care Doctor. Primary Care Physicians and Family Doctors in Frisco, Dallas offer medical assistance and involved in caring people for a long time. They provide preventive care. They teach, suggest and advice healthy lifestyle choices to people. Doctors and Physicians are highly expert and qualified and experienced. They identify common medical conditions and treat those problems. They are dedicated towards their profession and assess the urgency of patient’s medical problems. They direct patients to the best place and to the right specialist for that care. These experts believe in being proactive than being reactive when it comes to health-conditions or medical-conditions. They make referrals to medical specialists whenever it is necessary. And they are in contact with famous and highly expert specialists in local. They do have a wide network. Primary care doctors in Dallas, Frisco keep focus on both the treatment and prevention of various conditions. Their aim is to put quality back into health. They are dedicated and offering excellent, luxury,, personalized, accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions to all sindividuals at affordable costs (cost that they can afford). Some beneficial facilities involved in primary healthcare services are: same day appointment, direct access to experts, 24X7 hours access to experts via email or texts, enough face to face consultation time to see doctors/ physicians, issues addressed immediately, membership plans with additional benefits including physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures, no hidden fee, and annual discounts.

Connect with Dr. Cynthia R Stuart to Avail Quality Health Care

Dr-Cynthia-R-StuartFor people who have lately developed an inclination for concierge medicine, finding a certified and compassionate family physician is not very easy. Several doctors have adopted alternative model of direct care, but before you buy a membership plan with them, you need to make sure that your doctor has experience in delivering personalized healthcare services and can commit to limit patient load to make them available for you all round the clock. One highly respected and board certified family physician who matches aforesaid criteria effectively and is renowned to deliver high quality healthcare is Dr. Cynthia R Stuart. She is a qualified healthcare professional working with Diamond Physicians (North Carrollton location) and helping several clients to live a healthy and active life.

Dr. Cynthia R Stuart graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, followed by receiving her medical degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. She has been in practice since 11-20 years and is affiliated with Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton. Specializing in family medicine, Dr. Stuart brings along an array of healthcare solutions to meet the needs of children and families and make their experience an exemplary one. She excels in offering dependable and up-to-date evidence-based medical care to address concerns of each patient and help them recover from their illness in minimum time. She accepts several types of insurance including Aetna Choice POS II, BCBS Blue Card PPO, CIGNA HMO, Aetna HMO, BCBS Texas BlueChoice, CIGNA Open Access and 19 more to assist patients against health expenses.

It is to be noted that Dr. Cynthia R Stuart uses a holistic approach to deliver comprehensive care; she emphasizes in preventative care and natural disease management by introducing positive changes in lifestyle of patients. Her years of experience empowers her to understand the health needs of different patients easily, she listens what is bothering her patients, consider their medical history, analyze the risks associate and then design a suitable treatment plan to help her patients roll back to their normal routine ideally. She treats her patients with utmost dignity and compassion and ensures that they feel comfortable while sharing their health concerns with her. To get in touch with and avail the best healthcare solutions from Dr. Cynthia R Stuart, you can visit the website Diamondphysicians.com.

Direct Primary Care Solutions for All Individuals, in Dallas and Frisco


Everything has profits and consequences. But, when it is about Health Matters – no one would ever compromise with negativity. Traditional Hospital Settings have some consequences making people uncomfortable to approach to. There, people do not find personalized and easily accessible healthcare solutions. They go through struggles to get appointments and when in emergency conditions it gets worst for them! Also, conventional medical care system follows providing sick-care. The focus is not on over-all-health. In fact, the kind of lifestyle people are living or following asks for over-all-health-care. The Key is – Direct Primary Care. Yes, direct primary care service is focused on providing assistance to all individuals considering their primary care needs. The service bestows solutions for over-all-health-care.

Direct Primary Care Service is offered by highly expert, qualified and board certified doctors in Frisco and Dallas. There are highly professional, knowledgeable doctors who have gained extra certification in Arteriology (the study of cardiovascular disease at the level it originates, inside the artery walls) to look after and assist all patients (from infants to geriatric patients).

Direct Primary Care Dallas and Frisco Service Includes

  • Personalized Assistance – tailored healthcare solutions to individuals
  • Comprehensive Service – primary care, all major acute problems
  • Accessible Service – Direct access to experts, 24×7 access to experts via email or texts
  • Same day appointment, no waiting rooms, enough face to face consultation time
  • Issues addressed immediately
  • Luxury, Brilliant yet Affordable Service
  • Membership Plans for adults and children (based on flat fee, monthly fee and annual fee) with additional benefits including physician visits, point of care testing, an annual physical exam with EKG, and urgent care procedures
  • an evidence-based method that detects signs and prevents diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke
  • annual discounts, no hidden fee

Expert Doctors in Frisco and Dallas provide Direct Primary Care Solutions with an aim to put quality back into healthcare and to make luxury healthcare assistance available for all individuals at affordable costs. Primary care service has proved itself as frontline medical-system which is all about being proactive rather than being reactive to health & medical-problems. Approaching primary care doctors in Dallas and Frisco is easy. Internet has made it easy for all. People can get contact details. They can contact experts through phone-call, email or by submitting online form.

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Connect with Diamond Physicians to Get Quality Healthcare Services


Health and wellness- do you choose to ignore them? Or, you are among those wittiest brains who believe that health is wealth and hence take the best care of yourself. For those who hail from the latter mentioned category, the concept of concierge medicine won’t be new- this new model of health care, which is also known with the names of retainer medicine, direct care and membership medicine makes it possible for patients to get comprehensive, personalized healthcare solutions, for which they need to simply pay their physicians an annual or monthly membership fees (retainer). The model is winning favor of several people these days who want to sidestep all the requirements of insurance but want an ideal assistance of qualified physicians practically all the time. If you too are one among those people who are seeking enhanced care in Dallas, Frisco, North Carrollton or surrounding regions, then do connect with Diamond Physicians.

Founded in 2012 by Dr, James Pinckney II, Diamond Physicians is a leading healthcare provider that is recognized as a leader in concierge medicine. The source delivers first-class patient care; people who buy their affordable membership packages enjoy several perks and privileges that help them live an active and fulfilling life. Starting from same day or next day appointments and all round the clock access to physicians via text or email, to house calls and longer in-person patient time, there are several benefits of availing healthcare services from Diamond Physicians. You will be glad to know that your concierge doctors can cater to emergency situations equally well, for instance if you find an issue in night hours or on weekends, you can avail urgent care on nominal fees and get your issues resolved first-hand.

The team of concierge physicians at Diamond Luxury Healthcare is efficient to address wide-range of common health problems and provide the necessary treatment plans. This even involves nutritional coaching, stress management, and guidance about the imperative change in lifestyle, which acts as a catalyst in speeding up the recovery process. They design a unique healthcare plan as per the need of individual and help them live a healthy and happy life. Almost 80% of your needs can be efficiently met by concierge physicians of Diamond Luxury Healthcare. However, in case physicians found that a case requires specialists, they refer you to one of the credible doctors from their network to coordinate your care.

Apart from what we have discussed so far, Diamond Physicians also brings a Diamond 360 Executive Program especially designed for those busy professionals who are occupied all the time and living a monotonous and tiring lifestyle. If you too travel frequently, handle high stress and deal with unlimited work load, you can gain the benefits of Diamond 360 Executive Program and make a commitment with your health. So, if you want to connect with the team of Diamond Physicians and get amazing healthcare solutions, visit the website Diamondphysicians.com without delay.